CST market overview

CST offers products suitable for a wide range of electromagnetic design tasks, capable of simulating numerous components and systems.

Together, the products in the CST STUDIO SUITE® family can carry out electro- and magnetostatic, stationary, low-frequency and high-frequency simulations, as well as being able to calculate the effects of EM fields on substances as diverse as magnetic materials, biological tissues and charged particles. Tight integration with third party tools extends the application range even further.

The applications of CST software are almost limitless; among the devices that CST products have been used to simulate are couplers, filters, connectors, antennas, inductors, capacitors, PCBs, waveguides, travelling wave tubes, optical devices, sensors, actuators, electrical machines, SAR, MRI coils and cable harnesses, to name but a few.

Worked examples of applications of CST software are being added all the time. These can be found sorted by application area in the menu on the left, or through the site search at the top of each page.


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RFID And Wireless Power Transfer Simulation From Tag to System

RFID And Wireless Power Transfer Simulation From Tag to System Document type
This article discusses the design and modeling of both low frequency (LF) and high frequency (HF) RFID devices using CST® STUDIO SUITE®. This can be done at the level of the individual tag, but also for the entire system, including the reader, the tagged object and its surroundings. Analyzing the entire system with simulation allows the suitability of the chosen RFID system for the application to be investigated, and can reveal unforeseen interactions that can be hard to identify with measurement alone. Read full article..

CST FilterDesigner 2D Flyer

CST FilterDesigner 2D Flyer Document type
FilterDesigner 2D is a fully-integrated tool for the design and synthesis of planar and circuit filters in CST®STUDIO SUITE®. Built on Nuhertz Technologies’ well-reputed and mature technology, FilterDesigner 2D can be used to quickly select an appropriate filter type and generate a simulation-ready circuit or 3D model. Read full article..

Modeling material properties based on measured data

Modeling material properties based on measured data
This webinar will present several techniques for extracting material properties based on the measured S-parameters of simple geometry samples using CST STUDIO SUITE®. The importance of a manufacturing technology in the extraction process will be discussed in a relation to the robustness of the particular technique. The most important effects like etch factor, over-etching, over-milling, metallization thickness and the connection repeatability of low-cost end-launchers will be addressed showing real-world examples. Read full article..

Investigating the Principles of a Dielectric Laser Accelerator

Investigating the Principles of a Dielectric Laser Accelerator
This article presents a principle investigation on dielectric laser accelerators via simulation. Read full article..

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