Particle Dynamics

Market Particle Dynamics

There are many practical applications where the dynamics of free moving charged particles in electromagnetic fields play an important role. Some of them belong directly to everyday life, like the magnetrons in microwave ovens, x-ray tubes and cathode ray tubes. Others are not directly visible, like high-power tubes for terrestrial radio or TV stations, or for civil or military radar. Other applications include food preservation by electron beams, material modification and the analysis of multipaction, which might compromise the performance of high power devices. Calculating these effects are amongst the most challenging tasks in 3D EM simulation.

CST PARTICLE STUDIO®(CST PS) features solvers for the consistent simulation of charged particles, including space charge and relativistic effects. Embedded in CST DESIGN ENVIRONMENT, it can interact with and make use of the available technology in CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® and CST EM STUDIO®.

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