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Modern electronic systems are designed to provide users with high computing performance in small, lightweight devices. The accompanying increase in circuit complexity, together with higher transmission rates, requires accurate electromagnetic analysis and characterization of the signal transmission structures in order to achieve reliable designs.

This characterization ranges from the effects of on-board discontinuities (interconnects, via holes, bents, striplines, junctions, bond wires, etc) to the assessment of the signal integrity (SI) performance of dielectric laminates when used in real boards. The design of high-frequency electronic systems is not just confined to the schematic of the circuit, however. Selection of the package type, placement and orientation of components, choice of stack-up, routing of traces, dielectric material and other structures in the PCB assembly, all drastically affect the performance of the system.

The 3D full-wave solvers of CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® can help to characterize the electronic components and elements of a PCB accurately. Seamless integration with major EDA flows facilitates access to 3D simulation technology. Time domain and frequency domain approaches enable cross-verification of numerical results based on the same 3D model without leaving the CST STUDIO SUITE® interface, and high-performance computing (HPC) options increase the feasibility of 3D EM simulation in the standard design flow.

CST STUDIO SUITE is also the ideal tool to address the challenges that power integrity (PI) poses to electronic system design. CST STUDIO SUITE allows IR-drop analysis to be performed to display voltage drops across the PCB, and it can predict the impedance of the power delivery network. In addition to this, it can also suggest the position and the values of the decoupling capacitors on complex PCBs and packages.

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