Microwave & RF Components

Market MW&RF

Passive microwave & RF component design is a major application of CST STUDIO SUITE®, and supporting it is one of CST’s core competencies. Design engineers use the exceptional performance of CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS) for developing a wide variety of applications, such as antennas, filters and couplers. CST STUDIO SUITE is characterized by its easy-to-use interface, diverse import filters, versatile parameterization capabilities and automatic optimization tools, and includes the powerful post-processing options that get your development process up to speed.

CST MWS offers a broad range of solver technologies, operating in both the time and frequency domain and capable using surface meshes as well as Cartesian and tetrahedral volume meshes. To complement the general-purpose solvers, CST MWS also includes an integral equation solver, an asymptotic solver, an eigenmode solver and a TLM solver, each well-suited to different situations. With CST’s “Complete Technology” approach to simulation, the best 3D EM solver for any given problem is just a mouse click away.

EM/circuit co-simulation is also supported in CST STUDIO SUITE through CST DESIGN STUDIO, as well as through links to third-party software such as NI AWR Software and Agilent’s simulation tools. Thermal and mechanical analysis of electromagnetic losses is also possible, thanks to the seamless integration of CST MPHYSICS® STUDIO within the CST STUDIO SUITE design environment.

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