Statics and Low Frequency

Market Statics and Low Frequency

Structures which are very small in comparison to a wavelength can be simulated with low-frequency or even static tools. Classical low-frequency applications include motors and generators, switches and valves, sensors and actuators. Since the definition of low frequency is relative, there are applications like PCBs or MEMS which still may belong in this application range. For these systems, it is not just the electromagnetic fields that are relevant. Force, torque and temperature distribution often to be simulated too.

Besides helping in the design of such devices, simulation allows the device’s behavior to be studied. For example, will the shielding be sufficient, or will the breakdown voltage be reached? Labor protection law mean that it is also often important to calculate a human's exposure to EM fields – for example, when people will be working next to a high-field strength device such as an electric welding machine.

Image preview: CST LF FlyerCST EM STUDIO® (CST EMS) covers the low frequency section of CST's EM simulation range, featuring a set of solvers dedicated to the various application classes. A thermal solver is also available, which can be coupled not only to CST EMS, but also to CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS) and CST PARTICLE STUDIO® (CST PS) for further evaluation of simulation results.

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