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Omnidirectional Metamaterial Antennas Based on e -Near-Zero Channel Matching

Omnidirectional Metamaterial Antennas Based on e -Near-Zero Channel Matching
Jason C. Soric, Nader Engheta, StefanoMaci, Andrea Alù
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
Volume: 61, Issue: 1, January 2013
33 - 44
Antennas, frequency-hopping, matching, metamaterials, multi-band
We present an analytical model and practical design tools to realize cylindrically-symmetric compact antennas based on the anomalous transmission properties of -near-zero (ENZ) ultranarrow radial channels. The flexibility and exotic propagation properties in ENZ metamaterial channels are exploited here to tune and match cylindrically-symmetric antennas, without the need of complex externalmatching networks, in order to realize exciting antenna designs in terms of size, complexity and efficiency. We firstmodel a homogenized Drude dispersive ENZmetamaterial channel to feed a radial parallel-plate waveguide; next we suggest a practical realization of this channel by using radial fins; eventually, we apply the obtained design formulas to realize single- and multi-band cylindrical antennas with a wide tunability range. The designed antennas may operate in the ultra-high frequency (UHF) band and may be realistically tuned over a large bandwidth. We envision applications in frequency-hopping, multi-band, compact, omnidirectional antennas.

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