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A Dual Band Back Coupled Meanderline Antenna For Wireless LAN Applications

A Dual Band Back Coupled Meanderline Antenna For Wireless LAN Applications
A.Khaleghi, A.Azoulay, J.C.Bolomey
61st IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC)
Volume 1, 30 May-1 June 2005
226 - 229
meanderline, antenna, WLAN, WIFI, dualband
In this paper, we present a novel dual band printed meander line antenna with a shaped ground plane and a back coupled rectangular patch. The aim was to achieve 2GHz and 5GHz covering the two main frequency bands of commercially available WLANs. To obtain a dual band with wide bandwidths operations, a meander line microstrip printed antenna with a matched feed and a shaped ground plane has been first designed at 2.45 GHz. Then, a rectangular patch was added at the back of the meandered antenna substrate, with a small gap between the rectangular patch and the shaped ground plane. Changing the length of the rectangular patch allows to tune the resonance frequency, for instance 5.25 GHz. In fact, the resonance frequency can be continuously adjusted between 5.2 GHz and 7 GHz by changing the rectangular patch length. Furthermore, the tuning of the second resonance frequency has very little effects on the first one. The obtained bandwidth is 11% at 2.45 GHz and 6% at second frequency for a return loss less than -10dB. Consequently this antenna offers sufficient flexibility for all types of wireless local area networks in the available frequency bands. This small antenna structure ( 31×8×1.6mm) and its achievable low price with an SMA type connector, make it appropriate for Notebook, PC, PDA and other commercial WLAN communications applications.

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