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A Novel Compact Printable Dual-Polarized Chipless RFID System

A Novel Compact Printable Dual-Polarized Chipless RFID System
Md. Aminul Islam, Nemai Chandra Karmakar
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques
Volume: 60, Issue: 7, July 2012
2142 - 2151
Frequency-selective surfaces, radar cross section, radio frequency identification (RFID), RFID tags
A novel compact design of an ultralow-cost fully printable slot-loaded dual-polarized chipless radio frequency identication tag is presented with four near- and far-field reading techniques. The tag consists of four rectangular metallic patches loaded with multiple slot resonators. Slots with the same polarization for adjacent frequencies are placed alternately into two patches to reduce the mutual coupling between the slots. Then two similar sets are placed in horizontal and vertical polarizations to double the number of bits within the same frequency bandwidth. The tag can be detected using dual-polarized waveguide(s) or dual-polarized antennas. This single-sided compact chipless tag has higher data capacity and lower cost compared with the existing printable chipless tags and can be used in personal ID or credit cards and banknotes and can be directly printed on paper or plastic packets for item-level tagging.

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