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A Port and Frequency Reconfigurable MIMO Slot Antenna for WLAN Applications

A Port and Frequency Reconfigurable MIMO Slot Antenna for WLAN Applications
Saber Soltani, Parisa Lotfi, Ross D. Murch
1st January 0001
pp 1209 - 1217
Diversity methods, Multiple-input-multipleoutput, printed slot antenna
A novel compact four port reconfigurable MIMO antenna design for IEEE 802.11 applications is proposed. In one configuration the antenna provides 4-ports operating from 4.9- 5.725 GHz with isolation between antennas greater than 14 dB. In the second configuration it provides a 2-port antenna operating at 2.4-2.5 GHz together with another 2-port antenna operating at 4.9-5.725 GHz all with isolations greater than 18 dB. The structure consists of four slot antennas and two of the slots are made reconfigurable by including MEMS switches in the slots. The overall antenna size is compact and occupies 46×20×1.6 mm3 and is printed on FR-4 printed-circuit-board. The proposed antenna is investigated by simulation and measurement and results include radiation patterns, S-parameters, and signal correlations and branch power ratio between ports. These show that in typical wireless environments envelope cross correlations of less than 0.2 between the ports are obtained. The effect of the RF MEMS switches on the antenna performance is also addressed

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