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CAD of Multi-resonator rectenna for micro-power generation

CAD of Multi-resonator rectenna for micro-power generation
Vittorio Rizzoli, Giacomo Bichicchi, Alessandra Costanzo,Francesco Donzelli, Diego Masotti
European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference, 2009. EuMIC 2009.
Sept. 2009
331 - 334
We introduce a compact, lightweight and highly efficient multi-resonator rectenna (rectifying antenna) designed to harvest the RF energy really obtainable in humanized environments. Such sources, radiated from cell phones, radio transmitters and Wi-Fi equipments, are usually available but at very low power density, at different frequency bands, with unknown direction of incidence and polarization. In order to harvest a significant quantity of energy it is mandatory to put a very special care in the design of each part of the receiving/storing system. For this purpose a combination of resonant antennas, each one designed for a specific applicationdependent frequency band, is optimized together with the rectifying circuit and the optimum load. This is accomplished by a rigorous design tool, based on the concurrent use of nonlinear and electromagnetic CAD methods. Multi-source non linear simulation of the harvester in realistic operating conditions, predict a DC power of few hundreds of µW, typical energy requirements of a sensor node.

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