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Design and Construction of a High Performance GSM Test Antenna

Design and Construction of a High Performance GSM Test Antenna
Konrad E. Walch, Dietmar Fasold
Intern. Conf. on Antennas, INICA 2003, VDE/ITG
Fachbericht 178, 17. to 19. Sept., Berlin
The paper describes the design and optimization of a broadband GSM test antenna that can be applied for an enlarged frequency range of 850-960 MHz. The antenna is primarily designed as a high performance feed for a compensated compact test range, CCR, as installed at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. But it is also well suited as standalone antenna for general measurement purposes. The complete design and optimization was performed with the field simulation software CST-Microwave Studio. The finally selected butterfly antenna concept with cavity was manufactured and electrically tested concerning its electrical performance characteristics. It showed rather identical E- and H-plane far-field patterns, provided as required an edge taper at the subreflector rim at ± 10o of less 0.6 dB and showed a cross-polarization of < -35 dB in the specified angular range of ± 10o. The SWR is = 1.5 within the specified 12 % bandwidth.

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