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Design of a 10 Way Conical Transmission Line Power Combiner

Design of a 10 Way Conical Transmission Line Power Combiner
Dirk I.L. de Villiers, Pieter W. van der Walt, Petrie Meyer
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and techniques
Volume: 55, Issue 2, Feb. 2007
Combiners, N-way splitters, passive components, radial combiners, conical combiners, conical transmission lines
Axially symmetric power combiners, such as radial line and conical line combiners, are very effective in combining the output signals from a large number of power amplifiers over a wide band with low losses. The main problem with radial lines is the behavior of the characteristic impedance against radial distance, which makes design of radial combiners difficult and normally optimization based. In this paper a step-by-step design procedure is presented for the design of a conical line combiner. The design strategy relies on the transverse electromagnetic properties of the conical line to eliminate the need for complex full wave optimization in the design process. Instead circuit models are employed and optimized to achieve a wide matched bandwidth. A 10-way prototype was developed at X-band which displayed more than an octave matched bandwidth with low insertion loss.

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