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Design of a Double Array Lens

Design of a Double Array Lens
P. Padilla de la Torre, M. Sierra-Castañer, M. Sierra-Pérez
First European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, 2006. EuCAP 2006.
6-10 Nov. 2006
1 - 5
The aim of the paper below is to present a particular structure, working as if it were a double array lens (Transmitarray). The structure consists of a patch array in the reception part, a phase delay for each patch and another patch array in the transmission part. The idea in using this device is to place it in front of a particular antenna in order to modify the radiation pattern of the feeding antenna. The architecture that is being applied implies the use of patches with via feeding. To avoid undesired coupling between the reception and the transmission arrays, ground planes that isolate the reception array, the phase delay and the transmission array are placed. In this paper the phase delay part, the radiation part and the whole structure are analyzed and simulated. Finally, some prototypes for the phase delay structure are presented.

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