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Detailed Modeling of the SNS RFQ Structure With CST MICROWAVE STUDIO

Detailed Modeling of the SNS RFQ Structure With CST MICROWAVE STUDIO
Derun Li, John W. Staples, Steve P. Virostek, LBNL, Berkeley, California, U.S.A
Proceedings of LINAC 2006, Knoxville, Tennessee USA
1st January 0001
We report detailed RF modeling on the SNS RFQ structure using CST Microwave Studio code. Due to the complexity of the RFQ structure, a three-dimensional model with large mesh ratio is required to adequately model the necessary details of the structure. Old 3-D codes are not capable of giving accurate predictions of resonant frequency and fields, or for including mode stabilizers and terminations. A physical prototype is needed to verify resonant frequency and field profile, including mode stabilizers and end terminations, which is expensive and time consuming. Taking advantage of the Microwave Studio’s Perfect Boundary Approximation (PBA) technique, we constructed a 3-dimensional computational model based on the as-built SNS RFQ dimensions with pi-mode stabilizers, end cutbacks and tuners and simulated it in the frequency domain using the CST Eigen-value Solver. Simulation results accurately predicted the resonant frequency and field distributions. We are applying the simulation technique to the design of another RFQ.

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