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Full-wave Characterisation of RF Ceramic Packages

Full-wave Characterisation of RF Ceramic Packages
Patrick Schuh, Horst Bilzer, Wolfgang Menzel, Jürgen Kiwitt, Maximilian Pitschi
Microwave Conference, 33rd European
Volume 2, Oct. 2003
635 - 638
The characterization of small complex ceramic packages with (monolithically) integrated microwave circuits is investigated using full-wave methods. In order to correctly design packaged radio frequency (RF) chips, the consideration of the package has become an indispendible part of the chip design process, as the electrical properties of the package have a great impact on the performance of the RF chips. For an effective simulation, a segmentation between the chip and its immediate environment, such as, the package, is investigated, and a suitable interface between chip and package is proposed to prove the validity of the interface, the simulation of the packaged RF device, which is pieced together from the full-wave simulation of the package and the simulation of the RF chip, is compared to the corresponding measurement. Simulation and measurement of the packaged RF device agree very well.

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