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Low-Dispersion Spiral Antennas

Low-Dispersion Spiral Antennas
Mohamed A. Elmansouri, Dejan S. Filipovic
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
Volume: 60, Issue: 12, December 2012
5522 - 5530
Fidelity factor, group delay, power spirals, pulse distortion, spiral antennas, time domain, transfer function
A two-arm power spiral antenna with inherently low dispersion is proposed. Analytical, computational, and experimental steps are taken to demonstrate its superior time domain performance. When compared with conventional Archimedean and equiangular spirals, up to 40% improved fidelity factor and pulse compression are achieved. It is, however also shown that the power spiral’s mid and high band axial ratio is compromised. To enhance the power spiral’s frequency domain characteristics, a combined Archimedean/power spiral is developed. VSWR below 2:1, clean patterns with wobble on the wave (WoW) and axial ratio over multi-octave wide bandwidth, all similar to those of well-performed frequency domain spirals, and more than 34% fidelity factor improvement over the wide-field of view are achieved. Herein presented results show that the proposed spiral topology can have simultaneously good frequency and time domain characteristics and

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