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Novel Small-Size Directional Antenna for UWB WBAN/WPAN Applications

Novel Small-Size Directional Antenna for UWB WBAN/WPAN Applications
Maciej Klemm, István Z. Kovcs, Gert F. Pedersen and Gerhard Tröster
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
Vol. 53, No. 12, December
3884 - 3896
Body-worn antennas, human body, pulsed antennas, specific absorption rate (SAR), ultrawide-band (UWB), wearable antennas, wireless communication
This paper presents a novel small-size directional antenna design for ultrawide-band wireless body area networks/wireless personal area networks applications. The design is based on a typical slot antenna structure with an added reflector in order to achieve directionality. The effects of different antenna parameters and human body proximity on the radiation characteristics are analyzed. Antenna measurements with an optic RF setup were performed in order to characterize the small-size antenna far field radiation pattern. The different structural antenna parameters were optimized via extensive numerical simulations. Results show that for frequencies above 3.5 GHz, where the power front-to-back ratio of the directional antenna is greater than 10 dB, its impedance is nearly the same as in the free space. It is not the case neither for the omnidirectional slot antenna nor the monopole antenna next to the body. Between 3 and 6 GHz performance of the novel directional antenna, in terms of radiation efficiency and SAR values, is significantly improved compared to omnidirectional antenna designs.

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