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Off-Axis Performances of Half Maxwell Fish-Eye Lens Antennas at 77GHz

Off-Axis Performances of Half Maxwell Fish-Eye Lens Antennas at 77GHz
Benjamin Fuchs, Olivier Lafond, Mohamed Himdi, Sébastien Rondineau, Laurent Le Coq
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
Volume 55; Issue 2; Feb. 2007
479 - 482
Lens Antennas, Millimeter-wave antenna, multiple-beam antennas, automotive radars
This paper presents the off-axis performances at 77GHz of multi-layered half Maxwell fish-eye (HMFE) lenses fed by an open-ended waveguide. The ability of the HMFE lens to form multiple beams by moving the feed with respect to (w.r.t.) the lens is studied. Several off-axis configurations of the lens antenna are investigated and compared using a full-wave electromagnetic software. The directivity, far field pattern and scan angle of the lens antenna are reported for a rectilinear and angular off-axis displacement of the feed and also for various distances between the feed and the lens. The influence of the number of shells is also studied to reduce the side lobe levels as well as to enhance the lens antenna directivity. Finally, off-axis measurements done with a three-shell 6.15 ¸0 - diameter HMFE lens antenna are compared to computed results to validate the simulations.

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