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Optimization of an RFID Loop Antenna with Smart Goal Functions

Optimization of an RFID Loop Antenna with Smart Goal Functions
Kevin D’hoe, Nobby Stevens, Jean-Pierre Goemaere, Lieven De Strycker, Bart Nauwelaersy
IEEE International Conference on RFID-Technologies and Applications (RFID-TA), 2012
November 2012
254 - 258
RFID Loop, Smart Goal Functions
It is very challenging to create reliable RFID systems within the vicinity of metallic environments. Most solutions for this kind of applications are accommodated with a multi antenna setup of circular loop antennas. Within this paper we will present an optimized loop antenna which is placed in a metallic tunnel. The setup with a single loop antenna has a comparable reliability with a multi antenna setup. The presented loop antenna is the result of an automated antenna design tool which combines MATLAB R and CST EM Studio R . A genetic algorithm with smart defined RFID goal functions is implemented and forms the core of the automated antenna design tool. The paper shows some promising results for the optimized loop antenna within this typical application.

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