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Passive time-domain macromodeling of large complex interconnects

Passive time-domain macromodeling of large complex interconnects
S. Grivet-Talocia
Proc. ACES04, 20th Annu. Rev. Progress in Applied Computational Electromagnetics Syracuse, NY
Apr. 19-23
104- 120
This paper is focused on the macromodeling of complex interconnect structures characterized by many ports. The structures are considered as a black-box known via time-domain port responses, which can be obtained through fullwave simulation using a transient field solver. The generation of a passive macromodel is based on the following steps. First, the port responses are split into separate subsets to allow for subsequent concurrent processing. This may required by the possibly large amount of data needed to fully characterize the structure. Second, each subset is processed by a Time-Domain Vector Fitting algorithm providing a rational approximation of the corresponding transfer matrix entries. Third, the various sub-models are assembled into a global sparse state-space realization. Fourth, the passivity of the resulting global macromodel is tested and enforced by a spectral perturbation of associated Hamiltonian matrices. Finally, an equivalent circuit is syntesized directly from the passive spate-space macromodel. The high degree of accuracy of the proposed method is illustrated by some applications.

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