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Patch Antennas on Omega Structure Metamaterial

Patch Antennas on Omega Structure Metamaterial
A. Othman, M. H. Jusoh, A. A. Sulaiman, R. A. Awang, N. H. Baba, Z. I. Khan, M. Muhamad, M. F. Ain
IEEE International Conference on Antennas, Propagation and Systems
Dec. 2009
88-1 - 88-4
patch antenna, metamaterial, negative permittivity, omega structure
This project proposes a new generation of antenna that applies metamaterial as a base construction. The current bulky size of antennas can easily be replaced by the newlyinvented metamaterial. The simulation results show that an antenna with a metamaterial substrate has improved size and return loss, while an antenna with a metamaterial cover has improved propagation directivity. A combination of two materials, RT5880 and Perfect Electric Conductor, in omega structures is able to produce the metamaterial features. An investigation of the S-parameters has been carried out to determine the negative permittivity of the metamaterial. The return loss from the simulated results meets the minimum specification of the -10-dB cutoff. Meanwhile, the radiation directivity of conventional antennas can be improved significantly with the usage of a metamaterial slab as a cover. The novel antenna is able to take advantage of technology to be smaller in size but better in performance.

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