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Simulation of electron behavior in PIG ion source for 9 MeV cyclotron

Simulation of electron behavior in PIG ion source for 9 MeV cyclotron
X. J. Mu, M. Ghergherehchi, Y. H. Yeon, J. W. Kim, J. S. Chai
Chinese Physics C
Volume: 38 / Issue: 12 / 2014
127004-1 - 127004-6
PIG ion source, CST particle studio, electromagnetic field, secondary electron gas flow rate, arc current
In this paper, we focus on a PIG source for producing intense H-ions inside a 9 MeV cyclotron. The properties of the PIG ion source were simulated for a variety of electric field distributions and magnetic field strengths using a CST particle studio. After analyzing the secondary electron emission (SEE) as a function of both magnetic and electric field strengths, we found that number of secondary electrons. Furthermore, at 0.2 T, the number of secondary electrons proved to be greatest regardless of the cathode potential. Also, the modified PIG ion source with quartz insulation tubes was tested in a KIRAMS-13 cyclotron by varying the gas flow rate and arc current, respectively. The capacity of the designed ion source is verified as bein capable of producing an intenxe H- beam and high ion beam current for the desired 9 MeV cyclotron. The simulation results provide experimental constraints for optimizing the strength of the plasma and final ion beam current at a target inside a cyclotron.

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