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Very Low-Profile “Bull’s Eye” Feeder Antenna

Very Low-Profile “Bull’s Eye” Feeder Antenna
M. Beruete, I. Campillo, J. S. Dolado, J. E. Rodríguez-Seco, E. Perea, F. Falcone, M. Sorolla
IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters
Vol. 4, 2005
365 - 368
Bull eye, concentric periodic corrugated plate, metamaterials, subwavelength aperture, very low-profile feeder
In this letter, a very low-profile planar horn antenna is proposed. It consists of a subwavelength aperture placed into a “Bull’s Eye” concentric periodic corrugated conducting plate that produces good return losses and a narrow radiated beam. The antenna is excited by means of a waveguide whose flange has been properly mechanized in the rear part of the structure. The mechanism explaining this phenomenon is similar to the enhanced transmission observed at optical wavelengths in similar structures. In this work, the circularly corrugated structure has been scaled into the microwave frequency range and, moreover, the plane wave excitation has been replaced by a subwavelength aperture excited by a conventional closed metallic waveguide. This transforms the original focusing structure into a new concept of a very low-profile feeder with potential applications.

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