University Award 2007

Award 2007

The selection process for the second CST University Publication Award has been completed. As per our regulations the competing papers were authored or co-authored by academic researchers, published either in scientific journals or in conference proceedings, and the numerical results were entirely or in part obtained through simulation using CST software products. Submissions were evaluated on a number of criteria including originality of the application or of the theory, clarity of presentation, as well as the skilful usage of the CST software features.

3 papers have been selected to win the CST University Publication Award 2007:

  • Dirk I.L. de Villiers, Pieter W. van der Walt, and Petrie Meyer; "Design of a Ten Way Conical Transmission Line Power Combiner"; IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and techniques; February 2007; pp. 302-308
  • Martin Bencsik, Richard Bowtell, and Roger Bowley; "Electric fields induced in the human body by time-varying magnetic field gradients in MRI: numerical calculations and correlation analysis"; PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY; 2007; pp 2337-2353
  • Guo Qing Luo, Wei Hong, Hong Jun Tang, Ji Xin Chen, Xiao Xin Yin, Zhen Qi Kuai, and Ke Wu; "Filtenna Consisting of Horn Antenna and Substrate Integrated Waveguide Cavity FSS"; IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 2007, pp. 3884-3896

Each prize consists of a one year free upgrade of the existing CST software license.

The abstracts of these papers and of many more publications using CST software can be found in our references list.

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