CST – Computer Simulation Technology

New Simulation Workflows for Predicting Radiated Emissions from Electronics Systems

Recording date: October 6, 2011

60 min


The final webcast in the series will discuss powerful new workflows for reliably predicting radiated emissions from electronics systems. We start by importing a complex PCB model into CST® PCB STUDIO&ref; and applying new EMC rules checking algorithms to rapidly identify potential weaknesses in the design. Critical nets, planes and vias are then analyzed to determine the differential mode (DM) to common mode (CM) conversion caused by driver skew and line imbalance. Finally, the resulting transient noise waveforms are injected into a 3D model of the connector/cable assembly and radiated emissions predicted. Important features of a typical anechoic chamber test are represented in the model using external ground plane reflections and cylindrical scanning to detect the peak emissions.

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