CST – Computer Simulation Technology

TSV and Interposer: Modeling, Design and Characterization

Recording date: October 4, 2012

60 min


3D ICs promise “more than Moore” integration by packing a lot of functionality into small form factors. Interposers along with TSVs play an important role in 3D integration from an electrical, thermal and mechanical point of view.

The goal of this webinar is to demonstrate a complete design methodology for TSVs used in interposers by means of three 3D full wave electromagnetic simulations.

A comparative analysis of various configurations of signal delivery networks in 3D interposers for high speed signal transmission is presented. Based on the results, design guidelines are outlined with the objective of minimizing the crosstalk among TSVs, reducing the insertion loss and generally improving the electrical performance of interconnections in silicon and glass interposers.

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