CST – Computer Simulation Technology

Multiphysics Approach for a Magnetron and Microwave Oven Design

Recording date: November 20, 2012

60 min


This webinar will show how the CST® STUDIO SUITE® Complete Technology approach can be used to aid the full design path of a device. Various physical aspects are important during a development cycle and EM simulation is only one part of it.

The device under test is a microwave oven, specifically the RF generating magnetron and the cooking cavity which can be studied using MPHYSICS® solvers. The analysis begins with the interaction region of the magnetron, where the resonance condition, particle movement and output power are of interest. The latter directly defines the efficiency of the magnetron, or in other words, the Ohmic losses to the device. The resulting changes in the structure's temperature distribution can lead to structural deformations. In addition the electromagnetic fields within the cooking cavity as well as the fields emitted are discussed. Since the design is complex, a user friendly simulation tool simplifies the process. We will show how the multiphysics approach can be set up fully parametrically, and how the usage of High Performance Computing (HPC) options can speed-up the simulation.

Finally, a simulation tool has to be reliable if it is to be cost efficient and to replace prototyping. To prove its reliability, comparisons between measurement and simulation for the different steps will be shown.

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