CST – Computer Simulation Technology

Multiphysics Simulation for Medical Applications

Recording date: September 25, 2014

60 min


Modern medical devices expose the human body to electromagnetic fields in various forms; fields are used for medical diagnosis, direct medical treatment and for communication purposes. With its high permittivity and losses, the human body has a significant influence on the field distribution. Even more critically, the fields penetrating the body also may harm the tissues and therefore regulated by various standards, which means they need to be analyzed carefully.

The interaction of electromagnetic devices and biological tissues has therefore become a topic of increasing interest for the development medical equipment of all kind as well as for specific treatment planning with an existing device. Since a measurement in the living organism is impossible, in many cases simulation offers the only opportunity to investigate field distributions, loss values and temperature changes inside the body.

Due to the geometrical complexity of the body and the high permittivity and dispersive material properties of living tissue, these simulations remain quite challenging. This webinar will introduce the basics of bio-EM simulations, such as the available body models, the choice of numerical solver and relevant post-processing quantities, as well as advanced workflows for multi-channel systems including EM/circuit co-simulation and some HPC aspects. Finally, the tight coupling of the EM solvers with the advanced bio-heat solvers including human thermo-regulation and spin response solvers for MRI imaging will be covered.

All steps will be demonstrated with state-of-the-art examples from applications areas like ultra-high-field MRI, implant safety, microwave imaging, hyperthermia, pacemakers, etc.


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