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Antenna Analysis and Design with Characteristic Mode Analysis

Recording date: November 22, 2016

60 min.


The modal approach has long been used by the research community to design novel antennas for various applications. The Characteristic Mode Analysis (CMA) approach is now becoming increasingly popular for improved antenna design by simulation in industry, and has been integrated as a solver module in the latest version of CST STUDIO SUITE®.


This webinar will introduce the basics of CMA and demonstrate its usage and benefits for antenna engineers. Several examples will illustrate the power of CMA in improving antenna design, systematically reducing coupling between multiple antennas on a small platform, and improving MIMO antenna performance in mobile devices.


Jan Eichler

Jan Eichler received the M.Sc. degrees in electrical engineering and Ph.D. in radioelectronics from the Czech Technical University in Prague in 2010 and 2014 respectively. He joined CST in 2014 as an Application Engineer where his main area of work involves high frequency applications and EMC/EMI simulation.

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