CST – Computer Simulation Technology

Following the last 3 years of successful seminars, "Demystifying EMC" has established itself as one of the industry’s principal training events. For the 2018 event, Rohde & Schwarz will host an agenda comprised of leading established and new industry experts, complimented by our training partners.

CST Presentation: EMC Simulation of Automotive Ethernet – Dr. Stergios Papantonis
Time: 9:50 h
Location: IMC Suite

The demand for high-speed data transmission between electronics systems in modern vehicles has experienced a dramatic increase over the past years. The current generation of infotainment and ADAS systems already requires high data rates and are projected to grow even further in the future, fueled by trends like the upcoming introduction of connected and autonomous vehicles. During the workshop, EMC related aspects of the automotive Ethernet will be presented: the effect of the PCB layout on the emission from an automotive Ethernet channel, crosstalk from the automotive Ethernet channel to other cables inside one harness, and susceptibility of the channel based on the BCI testing method”.

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