CST STUDIO SUITE - EMC / Signal Integrity Training

How to work efficiently with CST® MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS). Improve your performance with our hands-on training course.

The CST STUDIO SUITE® EMC / Signal Integrity training course consists of 2 full days. We recommend that you participate in both days in order to benefit from the complete range of intensive application based exercises which will be carried out over the two day period. It is helpful to be familiar with the Getting Started manual. This training class is intended for designers of printed circuit boards, digital electronics, IC packages, connectors, etc., and EMC engineers.

This training will be held in English.

Ramada Hotel
Tunalı Hilmi caddesi No. 66
06660 Kavaklıdere Ankara, Turkey
09:00 - 17:00
From: 18th April 2017
Till: 19th April 2017

Fee:500 €

The training class will cover the following

  • Basic and Advanced Parametric Modeling Including CAD Import and Parameterization
  • Overview of CST EDA Links
  • Definition of Materials, Ports and Boundary Conditions, Single Ended vs. Differential Ports 
  • Signal Integrity Applications using Different Solvers within CST MICROWAVE STUDIO and
         CST PCB STUDIO®
  • Power Integrity Simulation using CST PCB STUDIO
  • EMC/EMI Simulations with CST MICROWAVE STUDIO: Radiated Emission and Immunity, Conducted
         Emission, BCI Test Simulations, ESD
  • Rules Checking with Major Interfaces, Compact Modeling and Cable Modeling
  • Performance Tuning and Meshing
  • Template-Based Post Processing, e.g. TDR, Eye-Diagrams
  • Channel Modeling using EM/Circuit Co-simulation within CST DESIGN STUDIO
  • High Performance Computing
  • Customer Specific Questions and Discussion (Please send your Models in Advance)

This course is available exclusively to CST MWS customers. Lunch and refreshments will be included.

There is a registration deadline one week prior to training and subject to availability (group will be 3-10 people). To apply please register online.

Special conditions can be discussed for more participants of the same company, University members and for companies that purchased or rented a license recently. For further information please send an email to our representative Mrs. Neslihan Yasav from Aktif Neser Elektronik Ltd. in Turkey.

Please note that we only accept online registrations.

Training equipment

Training material and hardware will be provided on site.


Please note that an invoice will be sent after the training was held.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made in writing or via your MyCST account. Cancellation of an accepted registration may be made up to seven days before the training without fee. Delegates who request a cancellation after seven days before the training and delegates who do not attend, are responsible for the full attendance fee.

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