CST – Computer Simulation Technology

9th European User Conference Technical Sessions

Session 1 - Welcome and Organisation

  1. Welcome and Organization, Bernhard Wagner, Martin Timm, CST
  2. Design and Characterization of Integrated Circuits at Frequencies beyond 100 GHz
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Heinrich, Head of Microwave Department at Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH)

Session 2

  1. New Technologies in CST STUDIO SUITE 2014
    Irina Munteanu, Ralf Ehmann, Marko Walter, CST AG
  2. PCB Design Rule Constraints for Effective EMC Control
    Bruce Archambeault, Archambeault EMI/EMC Enterprises

Session 3.1 - Antennas I

  1. Design and Analysis of Coupled Multi-Element Antennas with MATLAB and CST MWS
    Cyrille Menudier, University of Limoges
  2. UHF RFID Antenna Array for Smart Shelf Applications
    Stoyan Iliev, Kathrein Sachsen GmbH
  3. Antenna Workflow Demonstration in CST STUDIO SUITE
    Marc Rütschlin, CST AG
  4. Simultaneous Electromagnetic and Circuit Optimization using CST STUDIO SUITE and Optenni Lab
    Jussi Rahola, Optenni Ltd.
  5. Design of Product with several 4G and Wifi Antennas located in a Small Volume using CST MICROWAVE STUDIO
    Jean-Michel Monteix, XXI-Lab

Session 3.2 - EDA/EMC I

  1. EMC Analysis with CST BOARDCHECK
    Manfred Maurer, IT-Beratung-Maurer
  2. EDA Simulations in CST STUDIO SUITE
    Klaus Krohne, CST AG
  3. ESD-Pulse Going for a Walk on a PCB
    Jens Krämer, FESTO AG
  4. Predicting and Controlling Common Mode Nolse from High Speed Differential Signals
    Dr. Jörg Felder, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
  5. Design of Removable EBG Common Mode Filters
    Antonio Orlandi, University of L'Aquila

Session 3.3 - Particle Accelerators

  1. Impedance Calculation with the CST STUDIO SUITE Wakefield Solver
    Monika Balk, CST AG
  2. Third Harmonic Cavity for the ALBA Synchrotron
    Beatriz Bravo, CELLS-ALBA
  3. The CERN Proton Synchrotron Impedance Budget
    Serena Persichelli, CERN
  4. Aspects of SRF Cavity Design Optimization for BERLinPro and BESSY
    Tomasz Galek, Universität Rostock
  5. Coupler kick studies forthe PITZ RF Photo Gun
    Igor Isaev, DESY Zeuthen

Session 4.1 - Antennas II

  1. Log-Periodic Antenna Array Simulation
    Christophe Melle, Zodiac Data Systems
  2. Performance of a Radar Altimeter Antenna Installed on an Airbus A380
    Matt Miller, Delcross Technologies
  3. Antenna Placement Analysis on Complex Platforms using Measured Sources
    Lucia Scialacqua, Microwave Vision Group Italy
  4. Antenna Installed Performance Workflow Demonstration in CST STUDIO SUITE
    Jens Eberhard, CST AG

Session 4.2 - EMC/BioEM

  1. Localization and Elimination of Alien Near-End Crosstalk in Cat.6 Jacks
    Jan Kupec, Reichle & De-Massari
  2. Accelerated Bio-EM Simulations with CST MWS and CST DS
    Tim Herrmann, OvG University Magdeburg
  3. BioEM Simulations with CST STUDIO SUITE
    Tilmann Wittig, CST AG
  4. Wireless Interference Simulation
    Thomas Fischer, Siemens Audiologische Technik

Session 4.3 - High Power Microwaves

  1. Simulation of HPM Devices
    Richard Cousin, CST AG
  2. Application of CST PARTICLE STUDIO for the Analysis and Optimization of the Double-Gap Vircator
    Alexander E. Hramov, Saratov State University
  3. Design and Research of Low-Voltage Vircator Oscillator
    Nikita Phrolov, Saratov State University
  4. CST PARTICLE STUDIO Simulations of a New-Type Axial Vircator with Reflectors
    Stephanie Champeaux, CEA - DAM

Session 5.1 - HPC

  1. Challenges for Large Scale GPU Cluster Computing
    Carsten Cimala, Bergische Universität Wuppertal
  2. GPU Acceleration Benefits for Science and Engineering
    Axel Köhler, Nvidia
  3. High Performance Computing in CST STUDIO SUITE
    Felix Wolfheimer, CST AG

Session 5.2 - EDA/EMC II

  1. EMC Simulations in CST STUDIO SUITE
    Andreas Barchanski, CST AG
  2. Adoption of uwave Techniques for DDR4 Memory Channel Design
    Hany Fahmy, Intelligent Solutions BVBA
  3. Comprehensive Design Flow of a 61 GHz Industrial Radar Frontend with CST STUDIO SUITE and Altium Designer
    Gabor Vinci, InnoSenT GmbH
  4. EMC Simulation of a SEPIC DC-DC
    Felix Müller, Continental Automotive GmbH
  5. Electromagnetic Modeling of the Propagation along Low Voltage Power Networks with CST CABLE STUDIO
    Nicolas Mora, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - EPFL

Session 5.3 - LF

  1. Low Frequency Simulations in CST STUDIO SUITE
    Adrian Scott, CST AG
  2. Eddy Current Brake Modeling for High Speed Trains by CST STUDIO SUITE
    Daniel Valderas, Tecnun University of Navarra
  3. LF Simulation of Inductive Sensors in Train Detection Systems
    Gavin Lancaster, Frauscher Sensortechnik

Session 5.4 - Components

  1. Detector Design for Six-Port Radar
    Sarah Linz, Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
  2. A: Electromagnetic Analysis of Fringed Microstrip Lines on Dense and Porosified LTCC
    Armin Talai, Björn Gmeiner, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
  3. B: Generation of Porous and Rough Surfaces for Electromagnetic Analysis, Armin Talai, Björn Gmeiner, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Session 5.5 - Optics and Metamaterial

  1. Modeling of Optical Properties of Nanoporous Gold with Effective Medium Theory and CST MICROWAVE STUDIO
    Dirk Jalas, TU Hamburg-Harburg
  2. Terahertz Integrated Circuits for Radio-Astronomy Applications
    Sina Fathi, Universität zu Köln

Session 6.1 - Components

  1. 8th Order Dielectric Resonator Filter Design
    Vratislav Sokol, CST AG
  2. A Study on Polarisers for Telecommunication Satellite Applications
    Christian Pflügler, Airbus Defence and Space (Astrium GmbH)
  3. Tuning Multiband Filters with CST STUDIO SUITE
    Petrie Meyer, University of Stellenbosch
  4. CST STUDIO SUITE End-to-End Solutions for Advanced Electrical and Electronic Design
    Martin Santen, Zuken GmbH

Session 6.2 - EMC

  1. IEC 62433-3: ICEM-RE, a New Standard for Emissions Sources Description with XML Format and Implementation within CST STUDIO SUITE
    Frederic Lafon, VALEO
  2. Modeling Approach for Electromagnetic Simulation of Anechoic Chambers
    Ralf Kakerow, Continental
  3. EMC Analysis by Design of Experiments (DOE)
    Dennis Hasselberg, BMW AG
  4. Analyzing RF Interference in a Mobile Handset
    Marli Strydom, CST AG

Session 6.3 - Optics and Metamaterial

  1. Improving Non Dispersive Infrared Gas Sensors using Resonant Plasmonic Antennas
    Robert Espleigh-Jones, University of Warwick
  2. Optical Simulations in CST STUDIO SUITE
    Frank Demming, CST AG
  3. Efficient Focusing based on Fishnet Negative Index Metamaterial Lenses at Radio Frequencies
    Wissem Sfar Zaoui, University of Stuttgart
  4. CST STUDIO SUITE Simulations and Optical Investigations of Metallic Inverted Fishnet Designs in Visible and Infrared Regimes
    Helga Kumrić, Universität Stuttgart

Session 7 - Future/Closing

  1. Future Directions in CST Software Development
    Peter Thoma, CST
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