CST – Computer Simulation Technology

11th European User Conference - Technical Sessions

Session 1 – Welcome and Organisation

  1. Welcome and Keynote
    Martin Timm, CST AG
  2. Welcome and Organisation
    Bernhard Wagner & Martin Timm, CST AG
  3. Integration of Simulation into the Electronic Design Flow at FESTO
    Jens Winfried Krämer, FESTO AG & Co.KG
  4. New Technologies in CST STUDIO SUITE® 
    Ilari Hänninen, CST AG

Session 2.1 – Consumer Electronics

  1. Compact Broadband GSM/UMTS/LTE Antenna Realized by 3D Printing
    Jean-Marie Floch, IETR (Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication of Rennes)
  2. Structural – Electromagnetic Co-Design of a Smartband
    Krishna Gundu, Simulia
  3. On chip integrated hybrid coupler with microstrip patch antennas for wireless applications
    Mohammed Ismaeel Maricar, University of Nottingham
  4. Characteristic Mode Analysis for Compact Antenna Design
    Jan Eichler, CST AG

Session 2.2 – EDA I

  1. Modeling Surface Roughness in CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®
    Gerald Gold, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg
  2. Simulations and Measurements of Silicon Interposer Interconnect Structures
    Andy Heinig, Fraunhofer EAS/IIS Dresden
  3. High-Speed Digital Simulation and Measuremen
    Klaus Krohne, CST AG
  4. Compactness Enhancement of EBG Based Common Mode Filters
    Antonio Orlandi, University of L'Aquila

Session 2.3 – Meshing and Modeling

  1. Impact of the coordinate system’s orientation on simulation results with different mesh types and CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® versions
    Susanne Kürschner, Kathrein Werke KG, Rosenheim
  2. 180 GHz 3-layer Branch-line performance using different CST simulation conditions
    Ana Belén Amado Rey, Fraunhofer IAF
  3. Suppression of the mesh noise using Moving Mesh
    Vratislav Sokol, CST AG
  4. New designing tools for the modeling of non-saturated ferrite : application to twin toroids phase shifters
    Armel Le Gouellec, University of Brest

Session 3.1 – Antennas and RF Components

  1. Measured Antenna Models for Numerical Simulations in Antenna Placement Scenarios
    Lucia Scialacqua, Microwave Vision Italy
  2. Virtual design and assessment of the antennas for a control and video link in an unmanned aerial system using Antenna Magus and CST MICROWAVE STUDIO
    Brian Woods, Antenna Magus
  3. CLIFF-TECH: Taming four modes in the filter cavity
    Christoph Neumaier, Spinner GmbH
  4. Decoupling network synthesis for improving MIMO antenna isolation
    Jaakko Juntunen, Optenni

Session 3.2 – EDA II

  1. Ethernet Connectors Simulation
    Fang He, HellermannTyton Data Ltd
  2. 100Gbit/s Ethernet (IEEE802.3bj) on Backplane Systems
    Thomas Gneiting, AdMos GmbH
  3. Radiated Emission from a DDR4 Memory Channel – The Impact of Encoding
    Klaus Krohne, CST AG
  4. AC-Coupling Optimization for 25Gbit/s Links
    Manuel Walz, Advantest Europe GmbH
  5. Altium Designer - Harmonize Your PCB Design Potential
    Damien Kirscher, Altium Europe GmbH

Session 3.3 – Particle Accelerators I

  1. CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® simulations of structural color in disordered structures
    Lukas Maiwald, Hamburg University of Technology
  2. Analyzing chiral near-fields with CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® 
    Martin Schäferling, University of Stuttgart
  3. Absorbance enhancement by a disrupted metallic plane
    Helga Kumric, University of Stuttgart
  4. Optical Simulation in CST STUDIO SUITE®
    Frank Demming, CST AG

Session 4

  1. Future Directions in CST Software Development
    Peter Thoma, CST AG
  2. From Mechanical to High Speed Design – Twenty Years of Simulation Experience at TE Connectivity
    Lieven Decrock, TE Connectivity

Session 5.1 – Automotive EMC

  1. Radiated Immunity Analysis
    Monica Lamas, Visteon
  2. Design of a Combined Dipole/Loop Probe
    Sahaya Kulandai Raj Joseph, me² Microelectronic Engineering GmbH
  3. EMC and Antenna Simulation in Automotive Industry
    Vladimir Furlan , IAV GmbH
  4. New features in CST EMC STUDIO 2016®
    Andreas Barchanski, CST AG

Session 5.2 – MRI

  1. Simulation of a decoupled Monopole Head Coil for 7 Tesla MRIn
    Christian Bruns, Otto-von-Guericke University
  2. Advanced MRI Simulation Using System Assembly and Modeling
    Tilmann Wittig, CST AG
  3. Influence of lead coupling on the radiofrequency heating of multiple cables in MRI
    Julie Kabil, Laboratory IADI
  4. Comparison of SAR, Tissue Temperature and Thermal Dose
    Thomas M. Fiedler, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)

Session 5.3 – Accelerator Components

  1. New Features in CST PARTICLE STUDIO 2016®
    Maryam Kiyani, CST AG
  2. CST analysis of a metamaterial loaded waveguide for accelerator applications
    Emmy Sharples, The Cockcroft Institute
  3. Impedance reduction of kickers
    Mario Beck, CERN
  4. Dark current and multipacting trajectories simulations for the RF Photo Gun at PITZ 
    Igor Isaev, DESY (Zeuthen site)

Session 6.1 – Aerospace

  1. Accurate simulation and experimental validation of a 4-by-4 antenna array for Ka band
    Benoit Lesur, Zodiac Data Systems / Xlim CNRS
  2. Phased array design in CST STUDIO SUITE®
    Marc Rütschlin, CST AG
  3. Shaped Beam Antennas for Satellites
    Ayoub Annabi, Cobham Antennas

Session 6.2 – Implantable Devices

  1. Miniaturized magnetic coupling
    T. Fischer, Sivantos GmbH
  2. Implanted Medical Device – Safety and Wireless Energy Transfer
    Tilmann Wittig, CST AG
  3. Characterization and Optimization of Wireless Links for Implantable Applications
    Iñaki Ortego Isasa, MyRuns Technology

Session 6.3 – Vacuum Electronic Devices

  1. The simulation of development and interaction of instabilities in intense relativistic electron beams by means of CST PARTICLE STUDIO®
    Alexander E. Hramov, Saratov State University
  2. Noise Analysis in Computer Simulations of Microwave Tubes
    Mariusz Błażejewicz, Kubara Lamina S.A.
  3. Klystron and High Current Density Backward Wave Oscillator Simulation with CST STUDIO SUITE®
    Monika Balk, CST AG

Session 7.1 – NFC and RFID

  1. Wireless Power Transfer
    Tobias Glahn, CST AG
  2. NXP PN5180 Best in Class NFC Frontend - CST Solution
    Valerio Lipparini, NXP Semiconductors
  3. Optimization of a small and lightweight antenna for handheld RFID reader applications
    Francesco Franchini, EnginSoft S.p.A.

Session 7.2 – Multiphysics Simulation

  1. EM and Thermal effects of a Lightning test on a connector
    Emilie Fond, RADIALL
  2. Multiphysics Simulation of a Monoblock Dielectric Filter
    Theunis Beukman, CST AG

Session 7.3 – Vacuum Electronic Devices

  1. Unique Multi-Physics Approach of Self Phase Locked Magnetron (SPLM) System with CST PARTICLE STUDIO® 
    Richard Cousin, CST AG
  2. Investigation of Squeezed State of the Electron Beam and Beam-Plasma Instability in Charged Plasma in the Absence of Ions
    Nikita S. Frolov, Saratov State University
  3. Modern Methods of Magnetron Designing
    Emil Szkop, Kubara Lamina S.A.
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