CST – Computer Simulation Technology

4th European User Group Meeting Technical Sessions

Session 1 - Welcome and Keynote

  1. Welcome and Organisation
    Bernhard Wagner, Martin Timm, CST
  2. Key Note Speech: EM Simulation Challenges in the ESA Space Program
    Piermario Besso, Head of Antenna and Infrastructure Section, ESA-ESOC

Session 2 - New Technologies in CST STUDIO SUITE 2009

  1. Overview CST STUDIO SUITE 2009
    Irina Munteanu, CST
  2. CST Simulation Acceleration – Licensing Options
    Ralf Ehmann; Marko Walter, CST

Session 3.1 - Antennas I

  1. Antenna Synthesis Employing Full-Wave and Approximate Analysis
    Huib Visser, Holst Centre/IMEC
  2. Development of Breakthrough Technology for the Satellite Telephone Handset
    Oliver Leisten, Sarantel
  3. Optimization of a seven element antenna array
    Marcello Zolesi, Thales Alenia Space
  4. MIMO Antenna Simulation
    Tilmann Wittig, CST

Session 3.2 - SI/PI

  1. Fundamental Mechanisms of Planar EBG Structures for PI/SI Applications
    Antonio Orlandi, University of L‘Aquila
  2. Signal Integrity (SI) Analysis with CST PCB STUDIO
    Matthias Tröscher, SimLab Software
  3. System Level EMC Analysis Flow using Hybrid & 3D EM Solvers
    Kristoffer Sander Skytte, Sigrity

Session 3.3 - Filter and Special Materials

  1. Optical Applications with CST MICROWAVE STUDIO
    Frank Demming-Janssen, CST
  2. Frequency Filtering of Terahertz Electromagnetic Beams by Means of Split-Ring-Resonator Planar Circuits
    C. Rizza, Uni. of L’Aquila & M. Ortolani, Inst. for Photonics & Nanotechnology
  3. Tuning Methods for Bandpass Filters using CST STUDIO SUITE Solvers Technology
    Franz Hirtenfelder, CST
  4. Electromagnetic Simulation of Cavity Filters
    Marc Child, University of Bradford

Session 4.1 - Antennas II

  1. A Dual Circular High Performance Wideband Ku band Feed Chain for Test Ranges
    Un-Pyo Hong, Astrium GmbH
  2. UWB Antenna Simulation
    Frank Demming, CST
  3. SWAN™ – A fast and accurate CAD tool for slotted waveguide arrays
    Roberto Vicenti Gatti, RF Microtech
  4. Hybrid Eigenmode Analysis of Dielectric Waveguides for the Design of Travelling Wave Endfire Antennas
    Gunnar Armbrecht, Leibniz Universität Hannover

Session 4.2 - Optimiser

  1. New Optimization Methods in CST STUDIO SUITE 2009
    Vratislav Sokol, CST
  2. Optimisation of an Electrostimulative Acetabular Revision Prosthesis
    Carsten Potratz, Universität Rostock
  3. Probabilistic Simulation of Waveguide Hybrid Junction in CST STUDIO SUITE
    The-Quan Pham, Optiy
  4. ModeFRONTIER an Optimization Environment for Electromagnetic Applications
    Mauro Poian, ESTECO

Session 4.3 - Low Frequency

  1. Overview and New features of CST EMS 2009
    A. Scott
  2. Integration of 3D Electromagnetic Modeling for ELF Field Computation in Railway Environment
    M.A. Mora, M. Ney, F. Saliou, N. Haddad, Lab-STICC, TELECOM Bretagne Institute, SNCF
  3. Application of 3D EM Simulation to the Design and Optimisation of X-Ray Units
    Guido Scheibl, Sirona Dental Systems
  4. Simulation of Dynamic Electromechanical Devices with CST EM STUDIO
    Frank Weiand, CST

Session 5.1 - Antenna III

  1. Antenna Design for a UHF RFID Tag
    Gert Doodeman, TNO Science & Industry
  2. RFID System Simulation in CST DESIGN ENVIRONMENT
    Marc Rütschlin, CST
  3. The Construction and Calculation of Conformal Antennas CST STUDIO SUITE 2008 vs. 2009
    Yishai Brill, MLM IAI
  4. Surface Wave Antenna for Broadcasting
    Philippe Piole, TDF

Session 5.2 - EMC

  1. EMC/I Simulations with CST MICROSTRIPES
    Paul Duxbury, CST
  2. Validating of Loop Antenna Modelling Results with EMC Test Data
    Markus Vahtola, Esju Oy
  3. Shielding Effectiveness of Boxes - Simulations and Measurements
    Morten Soerensen, Bang & Olufsen
  4. Simulation of EMC-Filters applied in Automotive Electronic Control Units
    Thomas Fischer, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Session 5.3 - CST STUDIO SUITE Special Topics

  1. News in Coupled EM/Thermal Simulations
    Ulrich Becker, CST
  2. Simplify Antenna Construction using Structure Macros
    Arnold Möbius, A.D.C. Automotive Distance Control Systems
  3. True Transient EM/Circuit Co-Simulation
    Vratislav Sokol, CST

Session 6.1 - Electrically Large Structures and EMC

  1. Electromagnetic and Circuit Simulation of Injection Probes for Bulk Current Injection
    Flavia Grassi, Luca Di Rienzo, Sergio A. Pignariv, Politecnico di Milano, Emmanuel Leroux, CST
  2. Numerical Simulation of GTEM Cells by CST MICROWAVE STUDIO
    Manfred Schmidt, University of Applied Sciences Jena
  3. Electrically Large Structures and Integral Equation Solver
    Jens Eberhard, CST
  4. Shielding Effectiveness of a Building Armature
    Benoit Martin EMITECH, Richard Cousin CST

Session 6.2 - Bioelectromagnetic / Medical

  1. Bio-Effects of Mobile Phones
    Tilmann Wittig, CST
  2. Numerical Modelling of E-M Occupational Exposures Associated with MRI
    Jeff Hand, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
  3. Influence of Mesh Resolution on CST Simulation Data for
    a MRI Multi-Channel Coil with significant Geometrical Coupling between Elements
    M. Kozlov, R. Turner, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
  4. Bioheat Simulations with CST STUDIO SUITE
    Marli Strydom, CST

Session 6.3 - Charged Particle Dynamics

    Monika Balk, CST
  2. Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) analysis using CST STUDIO SUITE 2009
    Richard Cousin, CST
  3. Particle accelerator related simulations with CST STUDIO SUITE
    Lukas Hänichen, TU Darmstadt
  4. Multipacting Analysis in Waveguide Components
    Monika Balk, CST

Session 7 - Future Directions

  1. Future Directions in CST Software Development
    Peter Thoma, CST
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