CST – Computer Simulation Technology

5th European User Group Meeting Technical Sessions

Session 1 - Welcome and Keynote

  1. Welcome and Organisation
    Bernhard Wagner, Martin Timm, CST
  2. Virtual prototyping at Nokia
    Sakari Soini, Nokia

Session 2 - New Technologies

  1. CST STUDIO SUITE 2010 – taking complete technology a step further
    Irina Munteanu, CST
  2. High performance computing – at the forefront of simulation technology
    Felix Wolfheimer, CST
  3. New CST customer support system
    Jens Eberhard, CST

Session 3.1 - Antennas I

  1. Antenna and antenna array simulation
    Marc Rütschlin, CST
  2. Environment-independent miniature antennas
    Hubregt Visser, IMEC
  3. Design of an array for very short range radars
    Alfredo de Leo, Università Politecnica delle Marche
  4. Antenna design for the detection of alive buried victims under thick layers of rubble
    Jean Marie Floc’h, IETR

Session 3.2 - Bio EM – MRI

  1. Bio-medical RF simulations with CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®
    Tilmann Wittig, CST
  2. Effect of CST time domain solver setup and simplifying 7T MRI coil 3-D EM simulation models on power balance and SAR
    Mikhail Kozlov, Max Planck Institut für Kognitions- und Neurowissenschaften
  3. Simulation and construction of body coil substitute at 7T whole body MRI-system with travelling wave concept
    Tim Herrmann, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
  4. RF coil design for magnetic resonance imaging at the Berlin Ultrahigh Field Facility
    Christof Thalhammer, Berlin Ultrahigh Field Facility, Max-Delbrueck-Center

Session 3.3 - EDA – Electrical Integrity Analysis

  1. Fast solution for signal and power integrity analysis
    Matthias Tröscher, CST
  2. Long range connector via coupling effects for high speed signals
    Thomas Gneiting, AdMOS GmbH
  3. Visualize, identify and optimize with CST MICROWAVE STUDIO at Hirschmann
    Winfried Krämer, Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH
  4. Modeling and optimization of SiP SoP and packaging for electrical integrity using CST STUDIO SUITE®
    Leonardo Sassi, CST

Session 4.1 - Antennas II

  1. Efficient simulation of electrically large structures – antenna placement and RCS
    Ilari Hänninen, CST
  2. The use of CST MICROWAVE STUDIO in the design of an X-band circularly polarised splashplate antenna
    Richard Roberts, Astrium
  3. An efficient approach for wide angle scattering analysis of TT&C antennas on satellite
    Marcelo Zolesi, Thales Alenia Space
  4. On the determination of the impulse response of ultrawideband antennas
    Sebastian Sczyslo, Leibniz Universität Hannover

Session 4.2 - Bio EM

  1. Numerical modeling of miniature multiturn transmission line resonator for high resolution magnetic resonance imaging
    Simon Lambert, Université Paris Sud
  2. Bioheat simulations using CST STUDIO SUITE
    Marli Strydom, CST
  3. Estimation of electromagnetic fields generated by RFID devices for identity reconfirmation of newborns
    Serena Fiocchi, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, CNR

Session 4.3 - Performance – Automation

  1. Design and optimization of a 2.4 GHz RF module using VBA
    Joost ter Laak, JTL Engineering
  2. VBA macro for the construction of an EM 3D model of a tire and part of the vehicle
    Guillermo Vietti, Politecnico di Torino
  3. Using CST MICROWAVE STUDIO distributed computing in a workgroup environment
    Roland Rathgeber, Kathrein-Werke KG
  4. CST simulation acceleration, Q&A
    Felix Wolfheimer, CST

Session 5.1 - Antenna III

  1. Selected applications of tunable materials for tunable microwave components
    Matthias Maasch, TU Darmstadt
  2. Designing a band notch filter for a UWB antenna using CST MWS
    Ad Reniers, TU Eindhoven
  3. Antenna Magus – a sophisticated antenna pre-processor for CST STUDIO SUITE
    Marli Strydom, CST
  4. Optimization of performance of an antenna using CST and Mode Frontier
    Yael Kaldor, Rafael

Session 5.2 - EMC

  1. Optimizing EMC/EMI performance of multimedia device housings by 3D EM simulation
    Ralf Kakerow, Continental
  2. Virtual ESD testing
    Andreas Barchanski, CST
  3. Calibration of probes for EMC near-field scanning
    Matthias Spang, University Erlangen-Nuremberg
  4. Real world cable modelling
    Matthias Troescher, CST

Session 5.3 - Charged Particle Dynamics

  1. Vacuum tube applications with CST PARTICLE STUDIO®
    Monika Balk, CST
  2. CST MWS simulation of the SARAF RFQ 1.5 MeV/nucleon proton/deuteron accelerator
    J. Rodnizki, Soreq NRC
  3. Simulation of dipolar and quadrupolar wakes with CST PARTICLE STUDIO
    Carlo Zannini, CERN

Session 6.1 - Performance – Optimization

  1. Meta-modeling with OptiY® design space visualization for electromagnetic applications in CST STUDIO SUITE®
    The-Quan Pham, Optiy
  2. Multi-objective optimization of isoflux antenna
    Rodolfo Ravanelli, Thales Alenia Italia SpA
  3. Optimization of components using sensitivity and Yield information
    Franz Hirtenfelder, CST
  4. Optimization technologies empower CST STUDIO SUITE
    Silvia Poles, Esteco

Session 6.2 - Optics

  1. Modeling and evaluation of nano-antennas for IR frequencies
    Zeev Iluz, Inbal Friedler, Yuval Yifat, Yael Hanein, Koby Scheuer, and Amir Boag, Tel-Aviv University
  2. Characterization of photonic structures with CST MICROWAVE STUDIO
    Stefan Prorok, Hooi Sing Lee, Jan Hampe, Alexander Petrov and Manfred Eich, Hamburg University of Technology
  3. Simulation of plasmonic and photonic devices using CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®
    Frank Demming-Janssen, CST

Session 6.3 - Low Frequency

  1. Overview of CST EM STUDIO® 2010 and future development
    Adrian Scott, CST
  2. Solution of eddy current non linear problems
    Fabio Freschi, Politecnico di Torino
  3. Coupled low frequency simulations with CST MPHYSICS STUDIO™
    Frank Weiand, CST

Session 7 - Future Directions

  1. Future Directions in CST Software Development
    Peter Thoma, CST
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