CST – Computer Simulation Technology

5th North American Users' Forum

Morning Session

  1. Welcome and Introduction - Jonathan Oakley (CST of America)
  2. CST STUDIO SUITE™, new features and roadmap - Peter Thoma (CST AG)
  3. Power supply noise investigation of multilayered IC packages; full wave simulation and model validation - Antonio Ciccomancini (CST of America)  
  4. Study of ESD Damage to a Device Inside Metal Enclosure - Albert Wallash (Hitachi America, LTD)    
  5. The Physical Realities of Cascading S-Parameters for Full-Path Simulations - Heidi Barnes (Verigy)   
  6. Evaluation of RFID Tag Antennas In Situ using Modeling Techniques - Riki Banerjee (3M)   

Afternoon Session

  1. Hardware Acceleration for CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® - Amy Dewis, Chris Mason (Acceleware)  
  2. Simulation of Ship with Multiple Antennas on Sea Water - Jim Willhite (Sonnet Software)   
  3. High frequency connector design utilizing time and frequency domain results - Jim Reed (Optimal Designs), John Sawdy (Meritec)    
  4. Conducted Emission Analysis on Printed Circuit Boards - Matthias Troescher (SimLab)  
  5. Using Full Wave Solvers for Practical Analysis of Capacitor Mounting Structures - Scott McMorrow (Teraspeed Consulting Group)   
  6. EHF Rothman Lens Fed Linear Array Multibeam Planar Near-Field Range Measurements - Mike Maybell (Planet Earth Communications) 
  7. Electrical modeling of variable pitch multi-board connectors - Joe Socha (Sedona International)   
  8. CST STUDIO SUITE™ Tips & Tricks - Fabrizio Zanella (CST of America)
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