CST – Computer Simulation Technology

High Speed and High Power Connector Design

Recording date: September 19, 2013

60 min

As data transfer rates increase and complexity grows, designing high-speed connectors is becoming increasingly challenging, especially with multiple compliance regulations to meet. A precise analysis of the connector in isolation as well as the connector and PCB interface is essential, and can be only achieved by extensive use of CST® 3D EM simulation during the development cycle. In this webinar we will present the benefits of CST STUDIO SUITE® 2013 for the simulation of high-speed connectors. Multiple examples, including display connectors and USB 3.0 connectors will be used to demonstrate features such as online TDR and cross-probing, with the aim of identifying impedance mismatches and discontinuities. A low-speed high-power connector analysis using multidisciplinary approaches (including electrical and thermal effects) will also be presented.

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