CST – Computer Simulation Technology

Getting Ahead with CST PCB STUDIO

Recording date: March 5, 2015

60 min


CST® PCB STUDIO® is more than just a simulation tool for signal lines and power planes. It comes equipped with the capabilities to manage the complexity of designing modern printed circuit boards, which often contain several different systems with both low data rate and high data rate channels, and require the calculation of many different types of results.

This webinar will show how CST PCB STUDIO can be used as a powerful simulation project management tool. With it, the use can calculate eye diagrams and S-Parameters for the signal nets and DC voltage drop and AC Impedance for the power planes, and even optimize decoupling capacitor placement or set up complex radiated emission simulations using the 3D solvers in CST STUDIO SUITE®, all within in a single intuitive user interface.

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