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Application of Electromagnetic Field Simulation to Sensor Development

Recording date: October 2, 2014

60 min


A large range of sensors use the electromagnetic field as means of measuring physical quantities and are found everywhere such as in consumer devices, automation, robotics , scientific equipment to automotive applications. Even in applications where the fundamentals of sensor operation haven’t changed, ever-stricter requirements for reliability, cost and performance mean that EM simulation plays an increasing role in sensor design. The electrostatic solver is an efficient and accurate approach for the design and analysis for the state-of-the-art touchscreens found on many modern devices. Angular position sensors, incorporating permanent magnets, are readily handled with magnetostatic solvers. Sensors utilizing the eddy current phenomenon are extremely popular in non-destructive testing (NDT) and inductive proximity sensors, and can be simulated using eddy-current solvers.

This webinar will present several examples of modern sensor designs, concentrating on increasingly important workflows for their simulation with CST® STUDIO SUITE®. Their design requires easy model creation, rapid simulation and efficient post-processing. The ability to tailor the workflows to specific user needs is critical, and so this webinar will show how System Assembly and Modeling in CST STUDIO SUITE can help make the simulation process easier and more efficient.

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