CST – Computer Simulation Technology

Simulation-Enabled 5G Antenna Design

Recording date: December 11, 2014

60 min


Mobile communication speed requirements are rapidly increasing as the number, variety and function of mobile consumer devices flourish. To meet these needs, research and development regarding fifth generation (5G) antennas is already underway. This webinar shows the workflow and simulation features in CST® STUDIO SUITE® that are enabling antenna engineers to envision and design the next generation of mobile device antennas. Compact, smart antenna array concepts provide the necessary data performance, but pose a unique challenge for antenna designers.

First, we will demonstrate the use of Antenna Magus to synthesize and rapidly design array elements and initial array layouts, using the link between Antenna Magus and CST STUDIO SUITE to quickly create these designs in 3D. This is supplemented by additional phased array design tools within CST STUDIO SUITE. Next, the solvers and high-performance computing techniques available in CST STUDIO SUITE will be shown, in order to demonstrate how a 3D EM simulation of the full mobile device can be carried out efficiently. This will include the specialized post processing methods for MIMO calculations, such as envelope calculations for parameterized phase.

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