CST – Computer Simulation Technology

Design and Optimization of Electronic Package Designs

Recording date: December 10, 2015

60 min


Accurate analysis of complex electronic package signal and power integrity requires striking a balance between accuracy, to capture the necessary physics, and simplification, to reduce simulation time and compute requirements to manageable levels.

One popular strategy when using 3D EM solver is to truncate the model leaving only a few important features surrounding the nets of interest. Also, for power delivery network extraction only PWR/GND nets are typically included.

This webinar explores strengths and weakness of these methods and demonstrates the significant impact that simplifications can have on results. Modeling guidelines are developed and applied to several types of high-speed package designs. Simulated results are correlated with measurements and/or by comparing multiple solver technologies.

Design criteria such as BGA signal-to-GND ratio, impact of degassing holes and optimization of the position and the number of GND vias in proximity of critical nets are analyzed.

The webinar also studies the benefits (if any) of on-package decaps and it demonstrates how a pre-layout analysis is more useful for the purpose.

Finally, a new methodology of SIPI (signal integrity and power integrity) co-extraction for accurate prediction of signal to power coupling is introduced and applied to a DDR3 memory interface module.

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