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Getting Ahead with RF Breakdown Simulation for Space Hardware

Recording date: February 9, 2017

60 min



Carlos Vicente

Carlos Vicente received the PhD. degree in Telecommunications Engineering in 2005 from the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. In his Doctoral Thesis, Dr. Vicente did research on high power effects in Communications Satellites such as RF Breakdown and Passive Intermodulation. In 2006, he co-founded the company Aurora Software and Testing S. L. (AURORASAT) devoted to the telecommunications sector now part of CST AG. Dr. Vicente currently serves as Director of AURORASAT.






In this webinar we will review the RF Breakdown effects which can occur in space hardware namely multipactor discharge. The webinar will focus on the advantages of using full numerical approaches instead of analytical ones to determine the breakdown power level. Situations in which analytical approaches are not valid will be pointed out, as well as practical cases in which the analytical calculation significantly underestimates the breakdown power level. Simulations with SPARK3D and CST PARTICLE STUDIO® coupled with CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® will show the benefits of using a full numerical approach to tackle these problems in space applications.


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