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CST Customer Workshop

With the recent release of CST STUDIO SUITE® 2018, we invite you to attend the CST workshop taking place in Lambourn, Berkshire March 7, 2018.

As in previous years, this meeting offers an informal environment for technical discussions, presentations, user talks and preview the 2018 release through online examples and tutorials.

Sheepdrove Organic Farm
Sheepdrove Rd
Lambourn, Hungerford RG17 7UU , United Kingdom
09:30 - 17:00
Date: March 7, 2018

Fee: Free of charge
Registration is open.


  • Welcome Remarks
  • Simulation Driven Innovation — A vision for the Future | SIMULIA, tbc
  • CST STUDIO SUITE 2018 — New Features | CST, Marc Rütschlin
  • Antenna Design for a Connected Home Multimedia Device | CST, Alistair Wingfield
  • 3D Simulation of Photonic and Metamaterial Devices | CST, Tamara Monti
  • EMC Simulation of Automotive Ethernet | CST, Stergios Papantonis
  • CubeSat Antenna Design | CST, Alistair Wingfield
  • New Technologies offered by CST | CST, Tamara Monti
  • Precise Characterization of Multipin Connectors | CST, Stergios Papantonis

For more information contact CST or call +44 1159 061 120

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