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EMC Measurement and Simulation

CST and Rohde & Schwarz

CST and Rohde & Schwarz, would like to invite you to attend joint workshop titled "EMC Measurement and Simulation". The workshop will be hosted at ISQ's (Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade) Auditório.

This 1 day workshop includes both a hands-on session as well as presentations aimed to give engineers an insight on how to achieve accurate simulations and show best practice guidelines to getting better measurements.

Focus of the afternoon sessions will be on measurement and simulation advantages for tackling emissions problems of electronic devices.


Oeiras - Taguspark
Av. Prof. Dr. Cavaco Silva, 33, 2740-120 Porto Salvo
8222 Lisbon, Portugal
9:00 - 17:00
Date: October 10th, 2017

Fee: Free of charge
No registration possible.


    09:30 Theoretical presentations in Plenary Session

  • Introduction, ISQ
  • EMC UN ECE R10 Type Approval Testing of Automotive Components, ISQ
  • Numerical methods and examples for EMC (part 1), CST
  • Real time measurements with EMI receivers, R&S
  • Coffee Break

  • Numerical methods and examples for EMC (part 2), CST
  • High speed EMI tests for automotive products - Measurement methods of critical disturbance signals, R&S
  • 13:00 Lunch

    14:00 EMC initiatory circuit with separation group into two and swapping part-time

    EMC Simulation booth (CST)
  • BCI test
  • Radiated Measurement Setup in EMC chamber (MIL STD 461 E-F)
  • Interference antenna on a vehicle
  • DCDC Converter
  • CST STUDIO SUITE discovery

  • Means and methods of measurement booth (R&S)
  • EMI Test Receiver ESW

The workshop will be held in English and Portuguese at the ISQ - Auditório.

For more information please contact us via email or call us at +33 160 921 751.

Workshop Materials:

1. 2017 CISPR
2. High speed EMI tests of automotive products
3. Realtime measuring equipment
4. High speed automotive testing
5. Realtime measurement equipment
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