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Antenna Magus - Licensing

There are three versions of Antenna Magus downloadable through our website; namely a professional, an evaluation and a classroom version. Antenna Magus Professional is the full version of Antenna Magus. For the installation of this version a license key is required. This version is not intended for evaluation. A time and model limited evaluation version of Antenna Magus can be found here. A free, but limited version that can be used in a classroom environment, can be found here.

Licensing and Maintenance & Support

Magus offers node locked and floating (or LAN) licenses. M&S is 20% of the official list price and allows access to latest updates, upgrades and technical support. Special discount will be offered when purchasing additional node-locked or floating licenses.

Antenna Magus supports Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2012, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems.

Antenna Magus licenses are updated automatically. New licenses are automatically retrieved over the internet. Thus the user never has to worry about license expiry as long as the license M&S is up to date.

Floating (Local area network) licenses available

Multiple seat floating (or network) licenses are available in Antenna Magus.

The floating license option is the perfect solution for a medium size to large enterprise, or for the single user that requires flexibility. It allows users connected to a local area network to check out a license and use Antenna Magus on their local machine. Floating licenses can also be used to run Antenna Magus through a remote desktop connection.


If you have already purchased a node-locked license with paid M&S, the license can easily be upgraded to a floating license at a reduced cost.

Download floating (LAN) license manager

This floating license manager application is required to administrate floating licenses on an Antenna Magus floating license network. If you have purchased a floating (LAN) license, please notify your IT systems administrator to download and install this floating license platform on your local license server. If the license server has a connection to the internet, the floating license manager can be set to update the license automatically. In the event of no internet access, a license file is required.

Download the floating license manager

Free Evaluation Version Download

If you are interested in Antenna Magus, you can download a free evaluation version here. Please note that this version is limited as well in time as in number of models in the database. An additional license file is not required.

Download Evaluation Version.
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