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Whether starting with a new design or updating an existing system, most antenna engineers will start with an antenna element that is well known. Antenna Magus makes it easy to explore alternative options.

The Antenna Magus database is continually being updated and released with new and improved antennas, models and designs so that engineers can efficiently explore their options and be confident that all their bases are covered.

Only after the attempt to adapt and optimise an existing antenna element failed to meet the new specifications, the engineer will start to consider other elements with which he and his colleagues are familiar. Often, one of the first elements considered becomes the de facto choice, simply because too much time has been expended on the element choice and the "cost" to start over with a new element is too high.

To meet the need for rapid assessment of many antenna elements, antenna information in Antenna Magus is structured in a standardised format, making it easy to compare various elements identified using a keyword based search of the database. Unlike most literature, Antenna Magus highlights unique and general characteristics of each antenna which makes it easy to compare antennas with each other and more importantly compare them with the given requirements.

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