CST – Computer Simulation Technology

Fast and Accurate Modeling Techniques

CST CABLE STUDIO (CST CS) incorporates a fast and accurate transmission line modeling technique for cable harness configurations in three-dimensional metallic or dielectric environment. The tight integration in CST STUDIO SUITE® makes co-simulations with CST MWS and CST DS possible, thus providing a large spectrum of simulation applications in cabling system design. The combination of the 2D transmission line modeling technique with 3D full wave simulation methods is a very efficient way of investigating EMI effects in electrically large systems.

CST CABLE STUDIO™ generates equivalent circuits for wires and cables based on the classical transmission line theory. It automatically subdivides the cable harness into sections with homogeneous cross-section and calculates primary and secondary line parameters with respect to surrounding enclosures. Skin effect and dielectric loss are accurately modeled in both frequency and time domain. In a final step CST CS creates SPICE equivalent circuits for network simulation.

The resulting transmission line models can be used directly in CST DESIGN STUDIO or CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® to perform simulations in time or frequency domain and to investigate electromagnetic interference effects.

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