CST – Computer Simulation Technology

Technical Specifications

1 May 2016

  • Native graphical user interface based on Windows
  • Transmission line modeling method for fast and accurate simulation of TEM propagation modes
  • Hybrid method combining the transmission line analysis with the 3D full wave analysis
Harness Structure Modeling
  • Easy definition of complex harness topology from scratch
  • Import of harness definition files via NASTRAN or STEP AP212 (KBL) format
  • Interactive cable editing dialogs for generic cables like single wires, twisted cables, coaxial cables, and ribbon cables
  • Definition of cable groups (any combination of generic cables)
  • Consideration of solid or braided shields in combination with any of the above cable types
  • Advanced definition and modeling of ground reference structures
  • Import of 3D CAD data from SAT, Autodesk Inventor®, IGES, VDA-FS, STEP, ProE®, CATIA 4®, CATIA 5®, CoventorWare®, Mecadtron®, Nastran or STL
  • Built-in library of common cable types, with shareable user-defined library.
  • Advanced navigator and selection manager
  • Various and powerful graphic views
  • Parametric cable definition
Harness Electric Modeling
  • Automatic meshing and extraction of 2D transmission line parameters
  • Modelling all kinds of relevant cable types in any combination (single wire, ribbon cables, twisted pair, shielded cables)
  • Consideration of skin effect, proximity effect and dielectric loss in time and frequency domain
  • Consideration of transfer impedance for braided shields in time and frequency domain
  • Export of equivalent SPICE circuits
  • Export of radiation simulation data for EMI analyses
Circuit Simulator
  • Schematic editor for passive and active device definition
  • Fast circuit simulation in time and frequency domain
  • Import of SPICE equivalent circuits (Berkley SPICE syntax)
  • Support of IBIS models
  • Import and export of S-Parameter data via TOUCHSTONE file format
  • Parameterization of termination circuitry and parameter sweep
3D Full Wave Solver
  • Co-simulation with CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®
  • Automatic transfer of impressed common mode currents on cable bundles from circuit simulator
  • Automatic transfer of induced voltages on cable bundles to circuit simulator
  • Advanced solid modelling of the definition of scattering or antenna structures
  • Import of 3D CAD data by SAT, Autodesk Inventor®, IGES, VDA-FS, STEP, ProE®, CATIA 4®, CATIA 5®, CoventorWare®, Mecadtron®, Nastran or STL files for the definition of scatter and antenna structures.
  • Plane wave excitation (linear, circular, elliptical polarization)
  • Ideal voltage and current sources for antenna excitation
  • Accurate and efficient time domain solvers, based on the Finite Integration Technique (FIT) or on the Transmission-Line Method (TLM)
  • Fully automatic creation of hexahedral grids in combination with the PERFECT BOUNDARY APPROXIMATION (PBA)®, THIN SHEET TECHNIQUE (TST)™ or octree-based meshing
  • Calculation of various electromagnetic quantities such as electric fields, magnetic fields, surface currents, voltages
Minimum Hardware Requirements
  • Intel® Xeon® based PC, 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended), DVD drive, at least 30 GB of free hard disc space (60 GB recommended).
  • Fully OpenGL compliant graphic card
  • Windows 7, Windows 2008 Server R2, Windows 8, Windows 2012 Server, Windows 8.1, Windows 2012 Server R2 and Windows 10
  • Hardware recommendation depends on your application. If in doubt, please contact your local sales office for further information. For further details, please see our hardware recommendations.

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