CST – Computer Simulation Technology

Structural Mechanics Solver

CST MPHYSICS® STUDIO (CST MPS) offers a structural mechanics solver. Typically, the sources are results from previously run simulations, such as the temperature distribution from a thermal simulation, the Lorentz forces from an eigenmode simulation or the force densities from a magnetostatic simulation.

The animation depicts the deformation of the fingers of a magnetic sensor.

A typical application is to simulate the detuning of a high power filter as a result of the thermal heat-load due to the conductive wall losses of the device. Other applications are to compute the mechanical stress on conductors of high current bus bars or the deformation of soft-magnetic sheets by the attraction forces of permanent magnets.

Boundary conditions and constraints are pressures (traction boundary) and displacements as well as imported temperature fields and force densities. The results are mechanical stresses and strains, displacements and the deformed mesh.

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