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CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS) is a specialist tool for the 3D EM simulation of high frequency components. The unparalleled performance from CST MWS makes it the first choice in leading R&D departments.

CST MWS enables the fast and accurate analysis of high frequency (HF) devices such as antennas, filters, couplers, planar and multi-layer structures and SI and EMC effects. Exceptionally user friendly, CST MWS quickly gives you an insight into the EM behavior of your high frequency designs.

We promote Complete Technology for 3D EM. Users of our software are given great flexibility in tackling a wide application range through the variety of available solver technologies. Besides the flagship module, the broadly applicable Time Domain solver and the Frequency Domain solver, CST MWS offers further solver modules for specific applications. Filters for the import of specific CAD files and the extraction of SPICE parameters enhance design possibilities and save time. In addition, CST MWS can be embedded in various industry standard workflows through the CST STUDIO SUITE® user interface.

CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® is seen by an increasing number of engineers as an industry standard development tool.

"I use the virtual TDR function in MWS as the standard method for developing all of my high-performance broadband interconnects for electronic packages. TDR simulations are simply the best way to do this in my mind. I recently presented a paper at IMAPS 2008 in San Jose describing an connector/package design having high performance from 0 to 30GHz, which compared to previous attempts achieving perhaps at the most 22 GHz of bandwidth. This interconnect was designed using TDR and the MWS optimizer"
Dr. Jerry Aguirre, Kyocera America, Inc.
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